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Only cleaning separates you from using the renovated space?

We perform cleaning after renovation by a professional, experienced team using specialized agents and equipment.

Post-construction cleaning is not only thorough cleaning after the completion of the renovation team's work. We can also take care of maintaining cleanliness during the works. The scope of services includes, among others cleaning floors, cleaning windows, removing adhesives, paints and other recognizable substances, washing dust from above-floor surfaces.

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Ponad 50 000 zaoszczędzonych godzin naszych klientów

Ponad 50 000 zaoszczędzonych godzin naszych klientów

Profesjonalne środki czystości, również ekologiczne

Profesjonalne środki czystości, również ekologiczne

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Effective cleaning after renovation - professional help

Renovation always involves a lot of dirt and contamination. In order to perform general cleaning, you should have professional cleaning agents and equipment that will make it easier for us. Dust is usually quite persistent and likes to come back even though it has been washed off before, even several times. During post-renovation cleaning, it is also worth getting rid of furniture from the room in order to thoroughly clean the entire surface and not to expose anything to damage. In order not to dirty anything in the room, it is good to cover the furniture with foil. Are you interested in cleaning after renovation? Check out Moppa's offer and learn about our professional tips.

What to use for cleaning up after renovation?

Cleaning up after renovation is definitely different from the cleaning we do every week. First of all, dirt and dust that remain after renovation works are very difficult to remove with home methods. This requires cleaning agents with adequate power, as well as tools that will cope with this task and will not deprive us of all our energy.

During post-renovation works, we deal with a large amount of dried dirt. First of all, we mean building materials such as cement or other means. Even if the home remedies work, they will require a lot more work and effort to remove the contamination.

When undertaking cleaning after renovation, we have to use strong cleaning agents, which will allow us to obtain a satisfactory effect. First of all, they will not smear dirt and leave no stubborn streaks. These are often preparations with very high concentrations of various ingredients, so be careful on what surfaces you use them. It is mainly about taking care of the equipment and their coatings, which may be damaged by detergent ingredients.

How to make cleaning up after renovation easier?

Of course, the easiest way is to hire a cleaning company like Moppy to do it for you. Not only that, it will organize the resources and tools needed for work, and we will not have to worry about anything. In addition, we will save a lot of time that we can spend on other things.

If we decide to deal with the problem ourselves, then it is worth making it as easy as possible to go through cleaning after renovation. First of all, it is good to buy the right resources, the use of which will save us strength and energy. It is worth using professional lines dedicated to general cleaning and heavy-to-wear dirt.

Thanks to the use of appropriate detergents, there will be no need to scrub and scrape the impurities, because the substances contained in them will dissolve them effectively and detach them from the surface.

What should cleaning after renovation look like?

At the very beginning, it is worth choosing the right cleaning tools, and most of all start from the highest point in the renovated room. Then we will avoid dirtying the cleaned surfaces at the bottom, because dust and dirt will settle on them during cleaning. Floors are definitely the final stage, which is the culmination of all cleaning. It is also worth refraining from wet cleaning the surface. First, we should get rid of the post-renovation dust and dust. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner that is designed for renovation work. Only after removing the sediments can we start cleaning with water. Then there will be no streaks on the surfaces, and dust will not stick to them after drying.

It is also good to choose the order of the rooms that we will clean. We should also remember that each room should be thoroughly cleaned before proceeding to the next one. For cleaning works, we will need a solid brush and an industrial vacuum cleaner that can easily remove pieces of debris and stones that may remain after construction works. We should also remember to be careful, especially to take care of wooden floors. It is good to use tools that will not scratch them and chemicals that will not destroy the natural coating of the wood.

As you can see, cleaning after renovation requires appropriate measures and preparation. Let the specialists at Moppy do it for you.

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