Price list of the cleaning company

Check our price list, which we have arranged for you into convenient packages, allowing you to see what the cost of office cleaning can be depending on the scope you need.

Each package is priced "from" and we have listed exactly what you can expect in return for the proposed price.

However, if you do not find an offer that suits your exact needs, please contact us - we will definitely prepare a proposal that will meet your interest once we know all your needs. Welcome!

Office cleaning price list

We offer office cleaning on a basic level ("Standard Office"), extended level ("Standard Plus Office") and comprehensive level ("Complex Office"). The prices below are examples and calculated under 2 assumptions:

Additional services - for example

are priced independently of the packages.

"Office Standard" (2h) - from 950 PLN net per month (price per m2: from approx. 6.35 PLN net / month):

"Office Standard Plus" (3h) - from 1150 PLN net per month (price per m2: from approx. 7.67 PLN net / month) - everything as in the "Office Standard" package plus:

"Office Complex" (4.5h) - from 1575 PLN net per month (price per m2: from approx. 10.50 PLN net / month) - everything as in the "Office Standard Plus" package plus:

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We understand that every office is different and the cleaning needs of a business can vary. That's why the price of office cleaning is flexible and tailored to the specifics of each space. We offer competitive office cleaning prices per m2, allowing you to tailor your cleaning services precisely to the size and nature of your space.

Apartment and house cleaning pricing

We offer appartment cleaning on a basic level ("Standard"), extended level ("Standard Plus") and comprehensive level ("Complex").

"Standard" - from 299 zł gross

"Standard Plus" - starting from 499 zł gross - everything from Standard and:

"Complex" - from 749 zł gross - everything from the "Standard Plus" package and:

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If you don't think our packages will work for you, contact us and we will prepare an individual offering especially for you.

Cleaning for housing communities

We have a dedicated proposition for housing communities, divided into three cleaning levels, Basic ("Housing Community Standard"), extended ("Housing Community Standard Plus") and comprehensive ("Housing Community Complex"). The prices stated below are examples calculated under two assumptions:

Additional services - for example:

are priced independently of the packages.

"Housing Community Standard" - starting from 2.000 zł net per month

"Housing Communtiy Standard Plus" - starting from 2.900 zł net per month - everything from the "Standard" package and:

"Housing Community Complex" - from 2.000 zł net per month - everyting from the "Standard Plus" package and:

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Maintpartner Group

"The company demonstrates full professionalism in the field of cleaning services. The cleaning staff of our facilities is competent and provides services at a very high level."

Tomasz Olszewski
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"I am satisfied with the professional and individualized approach to the client and his needs. Easy contact, speed of action and flexibility are at a high level, confirming my belief that I have entrusted the care of cleanliness in the estate to the right hands."

Patryk Żurek
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BWA Galerie Sztuki

"The company cleans office and exhibition space in our premises. All work is carried out conscientiously and with the utmost care, and the contact with the company's representatives is exemplary."

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" fulfills its obligations in a professional manner, meets the terms of the contract and our expectations. We are satisfied with the services of and we recommend them as a trustworthy contractor."

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