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The key to effective floor cleaning is the selection of appropriate tools and cleaning agents. The technology used depends on the individual assessment of the contamination on the surface. We use the most effective solutions to ensure the safe performance of the service.

We are flexible and we adapt to the time availability of our clients. We offer machine-based cleaning of floors: warehouses, production halls, stoneware, concrete and tiles.

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Professional team

Professional team

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Individual plan

Insurance up to 1 million PLN

Insurance up to 1 million PLN

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Dedicated coordinator for regular supervision and quick contact

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Over 50 000 hours saved for our clients

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Professional cleaning supplies, also eco-friendly

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Floor cleaning - how to remove dirt from the floor?

Floors require the use of appropriate agents and professional equipment during cleaning. Each material will differ in terms of the cleaning method, but also the detergents used. Different raw materials will require different types of care. To relieve yourself of the problem, it is worth hiring a professional cleaning company that will thoroughly clean our surface.

What are the processes involved in cleaning floors?

First of all, if we decide to hire a company, we must remember that the service will be provided comprehensively, by a team of experienced and trained employees. We will not only receive a clean surface, but also we can count on the provision of chemicals and professional equipment, all at the price we will pay for cleaning the floors.

The services of a cleaning company are an investment that will speed up the entire process and will relieve us of the obligation to organize people for work and measures that will ensure that they can thoroughly clean the floor. Depending on the necessity, the company will offer cleaning of floors made of various materials.

Which floors are cleaned most often?

Mainly, car parks and driveways are serviced. These are very often outsourced works for shopping malls or office buildings that welcome customers and offer them parking spaces. Cleaning companies also accept orders for cleaning of industrial floors, which often require more complicated washing and the use of agents that are intended only for people who know the rules of their use. These are usually strong chemicals which, in contact with the skin, can cause numerous allergies and irritation.

Floors are very often washed in warehouses that have special requirements. This is because this surface is often used and heavily exploited. Moving wheelchairs and employees often staying in the hall are in contact with the floor all the time. For this reason, it gets dirty much faster and requires more frequent washing.

Other materials that require special care are paving stones and granite. Very often they are used for parking lots or driveways, and sometimes even entire squares in front of buildings. Stains from car oils and fuels are a huge bane of such materials. It is very difficult to wash them at home, so it is best to call specialists who have professional equipment and detergents.

How is the cleaning of floors such as paving stones?

At the very beginning, it is worth choosing the right cleaning tools, and most of all chemicals that will ensure safety and not damage the material. Depending on the level of contamination, other measures are selected, but also other tools for the work. The most complicated process is removing greasy stains, e.g. stains from oils.

After cleaning, it is worth thinking about securing the material, i.e. its impregnation. Thanks to this, the stains will not stick to the surface as much and it will be much easier to wash them off the next time. If, however, there is no major dirt on the ankle, it is enough to rinse it with water under pressure to obtain a refreshing effect. However, impregnation will help to increase the aesthetic value of a cube or granite. First of all, it will emphasize the color, thanks to which the floor will look much better.

In order to thoroughly clean the paving stones of all imperfections, appropriate technologies should be used. We mean not only the cleaning of the floors, but also taking care of their aesthetic value, e.g. removing lichens and plants that start to come out in the gaps between the individual surface elements. Also cleaning after renovation should take place with the participation of professional machines and cleaning agents. This will avoid potential damage to the floor.

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