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House and apartment cleaning
from 249 zł

The price depends on:

  • selected package (Standard, Standard Plus, Complex),
  • cleaning area size (number of m2),
  • the number of cleanings (discount for two cleanings),
  • number of floors (levels),
  • additional options (cleaning windows, providing cleaning agents and equipment).

Sample cleaning prices

  • standard cleaning of an apartment with an area of ​​60 m² - price from 363 PLN. Cleaning time approx. 4 hours,
  • deep cleaning of an apartment with an area of ​​70 m² - price from 887 PLN. Cleaning time approx. 10h (2 people 5h each),
  • standard cleaning of a house with an area of ​​100 m² - price from 565 PLN. Cleaning time approx. 6h,
  • deep cleaning of a house with an area of ​​200 m² - price from 2243 PLN. Cleaning time approx. 20h (3 people 7h each).
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Office cleaning and additional services
individual pricing

The price depends on:

  • cleaning area size (number of m2),
  • complexity of the office space (carpets or tiles on the floor, internal glazing, number of employees, day service, etc.),
  • cleaning frequency (e.g. daily, three times a week),
  • additional options (washing windows, cleaning the facility, machine cleaning of floors, washing carpets, carpets, upholstery).

Sample cleaning prices

  • office space 200 m2, 1 time a week - price from 900 PLN nett monthly,
  • office space 200 m2, 3 times a week - price from 1800 PLN nett monthly,
  • office space 600 m2, 3 times a week - price from 3400 PLN nett monthly,
  • office space 1000 m2, 5 times a week - price from 6000 PLN nett monthly.
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Our services

Shortly about

Moppy is a specialized cleaning company that operates in Wrocław, Kraków and the surrounding area. Our team is proud of the history of the company, as well as the successful completion of countless and sometimes extremely difficult cleaning jobs.

At Moppy, we know that not everyone is suitable for such hard work, which is why we employ only highly motivated people and equip them with the most professional equipment. Visual inspection of the place where we will operate draws an action plan that is always carefully adapted to the circumstances. We like cleanliness and we deal with any dirt, no matter how deep, no matter where.

We leave behind a sparkling clean - everywhere we go.

What cleaning services do we provide?

The Moppy cleaning company is one of the most comprehensive and developed entities of this type in the industry. The range of services offered is optimized for your needs. To a large extent, you adjust the price list to your own needs.

Despite the fact that we employ the best teams that use fully professional equipment and are well paid, and we always fulfill the tasks entrusted to us exemplary and on time - we keep our price list at the level of ordinary market prices.

Cleaning work price list

As a cleaning company, we are also innovative in terms of the pricing of our services. We offer several packages that our clients can choose from, and many of our cleaning services (especially in the case of services for companies) are priced only after reviewing the individual case and in consultation with the client.

Cleaning houses and flats

Less than PLN 250 is enough for our team to perform a basic service of cleaning a private apartment or house. This is a very often chosen package, because for this small sum we can "handle" an apartment or a house even in a very dirty condition. The scope of work depends on the choice of one of the packages: Standard, Standard Plus, Complex. Of course, we also take into account the surface to be cleaned. If you use our activities for the second time, then you can count on discounts.

We are perfectly aware that cleaning houses and apartments must be done discreetly, quickly and exactly as the owner wishes. One word from the client is enough for us to deal with the specified place in an intensified manner, and leave the other place intact. It happens that while cleaning private apartments and houses, our employees have to deal with sensitive and confidential materials, however, they are obliged to inform the client immediately after discovering them and, under legal threat, they are forbidden to use sensitive data. It has never happened that the Moppy cleaning company abused the customer's trust.

Cleaning offices and commercial premises

Moppy is very often hired by other companies to clean their offices, commercial premises, warehouses and shops. For companies, we provide an individual cleaning price list. So we start cleaning offices with a short but factual conversation with the owner, in which we take into account the area, specificity of the premises, individual requirements. If the company makes an appointment with us for cyclical cleaning of the office, then the valuation will be more favorable. We also look at customer preferences in terms of additional work, such as window cleaning, carpet washing, the use of specialist cleaning equipment or floor cleaning work.

We are so efficient that we are able to perform cleaning services in their full scope without having to close the office or service premises. Moppy employees are trained not to disturb work in your offices during cleaning. When cleaning offices, we keep quiet and try to be invisible.

Other cleaning services

It's not everything. In fact, we are able to make any space shine. We clean after renovations, restoring cleanliness in communication routes, wash windows (also those with a large area), use specialized tools for washing carpets and upholstery.

Wherever we are, we divide our cleaning into basic services (sufficient for most purposes) and deep cleaning (which already offers an almost hygienic cleanliness).

We are the most flexible cleaning company

Although the cleaning quote is given only after getting acquainted with each individual case, on the Moppy website you can use a simplified procedure for cleaning houses and flats. Just select the package and enter the city (Wrocław, Kraków or the surrounding area). You will receive information about the price list in this way within a few seconds.

Cleaning offices in Wrocław or Kraków - as it is a much more complex activity and requires a bit more arrangements - is always priced individually.

We provide highly specialized works, performed by experienced and qualified staff. In conjunction with the working methods we have developed, which aim at: cleaning accuracy, cleaning speed and taking into account all preferences of people ordering services - Moppy is one of the few companies on the domestic market that can boast such good results while maintaining regular prices in force in industry.

Cleaning professionalism on every square centimeter

Time is money, so please consider whether it is better to clean the premises yourself, or to rely on the professionals from Moppy, who will not charge excessive rates. What's more, many cleaning activities, and we say this as professionals, you are not able to do on your own without specialized equipment, and certainly not as fast as we can do it. Starting a longer cooperation with us, i.e. making an appointment for regular cleaning (e.g. 2 times a week or 3 times a month) brings additional savings to our customers. a limited liability company (sp. z o.o. sp. k.) with registered office in Wrocław, ul.Braniborska 2/10, 53-680 Wrocław, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, XII Economic Department of the National Court Register, with the KRS No of 0000636722, Statistical Identification Number (REGON): 365373178, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 8943084888, with the share capital in the amount of 2.100 PLN, which is the operator of the website, phone: +48 690 022 690, e-mail: - welcome to contact us!