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"The company demonstrates full professionalism in the field of cleaning services. The cleaning staff of our facilities is competent and provides services at a very high level."

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"I am satisfied with the professional and individualized approach to the client and his needs. Easy contact, speed of action and flexibility are at a high level, confirming my belief that I have entrusted the care of cleanliness in the estate to the right hands."

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"The company cleans office and exhibition space in our premises. All work is carried out conscientiously and with the utmost care, and the contact with the company's representatives is exemplary."

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" fulfills its obligations in a professional manner, meets the terms of the contract and our expectations. We are satisfied with the services of and we recommend them as a trustworthy contractor."

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Cleaning apartment and house

Cleaning apartment and house

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Cleaning for business

Cleaning for business

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Cleaning Wrocław - Moppy faces the challenges of Lower Silesia!

Large commercial buildings, such as office buildings, which are abundant in Wrocław, require various types of external companies for their operation. One of the outsourced services is cleaning. The capital of Lower Silesia is a city with a lot of office buildings, and many of them already use the services of Moppa. Why? Because they know that by choosing a cleaning company they save time and resources. Read why not only private individuals outsource cleaning of their houses and apartments, but also companies decide to have professional cleaning in Wrocław.

A professional cleaning company or a full-time cleaning worker? Cleaning Wroclaw

It is worth considering for a moment the profits associated with hiring a cleaning company. In fact, it is a double saving for us, both financial and time. First of all, we pay the company not only for services, but also for all of them equipment, access, hygiene products and detergents. In addition, we do not have to hire anyone full-time, we do not have to implement them to work and create procedures.

It is also worth noting that one full-time employee will need much more time to clean up the office. Therefore, if the owner of a business or office building is concerned at the same time high-quality services and faster delivery times , a company offering cleaning Wrocław definitely beats a full-time cleaning employee!

Cleaning company Moppy employs experienced professionals who take responsibility for cleaning. Wrocław gives us a lot of possibilities to choose the best team for us to keep order, but that's it Moppy has been trusted by many private customers and companies. They appreciate our professionalism, comprehensiveness and experience. They know that under our care, the surrounding space will transform into a friendly living and working environment.

Why is it worth cooperating with a cleaning company?

An external cleaning company is an increasingly popular solution, especially among larger companies. It is primarily required by the size of the space that one full-time cleaning worker would not be able to handle.

It is also important to have means for cleaning this type of surface. It is not only about ordinary cleaning products, but also about appropriate machines as well as qualified and experienced workers. Cooperation with a cleaning company is also a convenience. We set the scope of duties only once with the team coordinator, then we do not have to worry about the course of work, because we entrust it to specialists. Interestingly, at Moppy, we have introduced the possibility of booking the service online! Thanks to this modern option, you can order cleaning Wroclaw without leaving your home or even calling.

Cleaning Wrocław - other benefits of cooperation

The most important advantage of working with a cleaning company is that you always have professional cleaning done and you can take care of your duties or pleasures. Wrocław is a city where you will find many offers from cleaning companies, but compared to them, Moppy stands out because of the transparency of the price list and terms of cooperation. In addition, we have technologically advanced equipment that will not only speed up cleaning processes, but also improve their quality. You can be sure that the ordered service will be performed carefully and that the results will exceed all expectations.

You can have Moppy both basic cleaning of the house, apartment, office space, offices and common spaces , as well as thorough cleaning consisting in washing windows, polishing parquet or washing carpets. Moppy's services also include post-refurbishment cleaning, which requires resources other than daily housekeeping.

By cooperating with us, you save time and money, and for every company and private person it is a more important aspect. Don't worry about dust and dirt - let the specialists take care of the space around you. Order cleaning in Wrocław at Moppy, and during this time ... do what you love! a limited liability company (sp. z o.o. sp. k.) with registered office in Wrocław, ul.Braniborska 2/10, 53-680 Wrocław, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, XII Economic Department of the National Court Register, with the KRS No of 0000636722, Statistical Identification Number (REGON): 365373178, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 8943084888, with the share capital in the amount of 2.100 PLN, which is the operator of the website, phone: +48 690 022 690, e-mail: - welcome to contact us!