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We know how to comprehensively take care of cleanliness and order in offices, medical facilities, shops, housing communities, and all kinds of public facilities. Many years of experience have made us true experts.

We provide our services in facilities of various sizes, from small to large, from one to seven days a week. We offer services both as one-time support and permanent cooperation (regular cleaning of offices, commercial premises, warehouses).

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Professional team

Professional team

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Individual plan

Confidence and security

Confidence and security

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Fast contact

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Professional team

Professional team

We have a qualified team of coordinators, foremen and cleaning workers

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The company demonstrates full professionalism in the field of cleaning services. The cleaning staff of our facilities is competent and provides services at a very high level.


I am satisfied with the professional and individualized approach to the client and his needs. Easy contact, speed of action and flexibility are at a high level, confirming my belief that I have entrusted the care of cleanliness in the estate to the right hands.

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The company cleans office and exhibition space in our premises. All work is carried out conscientiously and with the utmost care, and the contact with the company's representatives is exemplary.

Cleaning offices - a clean workplace that promotes efficiency

We must remember that regular office cleaning is not only about a clean surface. Everything that is part of the environment has a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. Dust and dirt are not friends of productivity and fruitful work, so try so much to keep the office clean and always tidy. If you enter the query "professional cleaning of offices in Wrocław" or "professional cleaning of offices in Krakow" in the Internet, in both cases the answer and hit the spot is Moppy!

Why is office cleaning so important?

The office is a showcase of every company. This is where we accept clients and have our command center from which we control all activities. Cleaning offices is primarily a matter of image. If our work space is clean, then it is easier for us to focus and we are more effective. Additionally, we are better perceived by the guests who visit our premises.

That is why it is worth investing in a professional company that is responsible for cleaning offices. Wrocław has a long list of service providers, and one of them is Moppy - a company that approaches its task with professionalism. He will take care of comprehensive cleaning, including the organization of tools and detergents for work.

What is the most important in cleaning offices?

If we care about the company's image, the most important aspect may be simply professionalism. That is why it is worth hiring a company that will organize comprehensive office cleaning. Krakow offers many opportunities in terms of the availability of this type of service. Moppy also offers its services in the capital of Lesser Poland. If you want a permanent and not a one-time "wow" effect, it is important that such cleaning is done regularly.

We must be aware that the cleaning company takes many of our responsibilities. It is not only about the cleaning activity itself, but also the organization of detergents, thinking about the sequence or buying equipment.

We should also remember that people who are distracted from work and involved in activities that go beyond the scope of their duties will not be motivated to work effectively. This is definitely not the way to deal with cleaning in the workplace!

Why do large offices choose professional cleaning companies?

Cleaning offices is, contrary to appearances, a complicated and difficult process. Well and comprehensively made cleanups will give us time for effective and uninterrupted work. It is also a way to minimize costs in the long term, because we pay for a comprehensive service, and not for all of them separately.

In addition to saving money, saving time is also important. Our employees are not distracted, they do not have to stand on duty every day to clean up the office reluctantly. Some cleaning companies have a test day in their services, during which you can check what quality of services are performed. After a positively assessed trial day and determining the costs and budget for cleaning, you can, for example, sign a contract for regular cooperation.

Who should we entrust office cleaning to? Wrocław and Kraków already know!

When we have a large office, many employees and we expect perfect cleanliness, choosing a professional cleaning company is the only right decision we can make. The best way to find the right specialist team will be recommendations from trusted people or looking for opinions online. Satisfied customers are willing to exhibit them to companies whose services they have used.

When choosing a company, it is also worth taking a look at its website. See if there is a detailed and transparent price list and regulations that define the way the company operates. In our regulations on the Moppy website you will find answers to questions, among others, regarding the terms of service, payment or complaints. The transparency of the company's operations is important to us. Thanks to it, customers know what they can expect and on what terms our cooperation will be based on.

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